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art & illustrated goods

Welcome to our world of art and illustrated treasures! At Kailee Illustration, we're passionate about the magic of art. Explore our collection of illustrations, prints, and unique creations. Find the perfect piece to inspire your space or delight a loved one. With every purchase, you support talented artists and add a touch of artistry to your life. Start shopping now and let the magic of art begin!

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Discover our exclusive range of greeting cards designed in-house for various occasions. Our small-batch production ensures each card is a unique work of art. By choosing our cards, you not only express your sentiments but also support local artists. Send a meaningful message with our one-of-a-kind designs.


Here you can explore a diverse selection of art prints from Kailee Ngan.  The collection includes unique risograph, giclee, and monograph prints, each showcasing the distinctive talent and creativity. Dive into a world of artistry and discover something truly special.

Let's have a feast.jpg

Explore our enchanting Keychain Collection, where functionality meets cuteness! Each keychain features adorable illustrations of animals or plants, with UV resin on both sides. Carry a touch of charm with you wherever you go

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